StarTech VGA to Cat5 Monitor Extender Kit




The black ST121UTPEP VGA to Cat5 Monitor Extender Kit from StarTech is a video extender over Cat5 point-to-point that lets you connect a remote VGA display or projector up to 262.46’ away from the VGA signal source. The ST121UTPEP is a bundled kit that includes both a local and a remote unit, providing a complete end-to-end solution for a single source/display connection, transmitting the source VGA signal over a standard Ethernet cable (Cat5e or better UTP cable, terminated with RJ45 connectors). Offering convenient VGA distribution, this extender kit only requires one power adapter which can be installed at either the local or remote end of the connection, depending on what is most convenient for your application. To ensure a tidy installation, the ST121UTPEP Extender Kit includes a mounting bracket for the receiver to help eliminate unnecessary cable tangles.


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