StarTech VGA Video Extender Kit with Audio Support over CAT-5 Cable




The ST122UTPA VGA Video Extender Kit from StarTech includes a local transmitter and a remote receiver that provide an out-of-the box solution suited for point to point digital signage applications that require audio. This system helps extend and distribute VGA signals with audio to a remote display over a CAT-5 cable (sold separately). This VGA video extender kit allows up to 4 monitors to display content from a single PC. The video signals and corresponding audio from the transmitter are sent to the remote unit over a standard 4-pair CAT5 or the recommended CAT5e UTP cable that can be placed up to 500’ away. To simplify installation, this kit also includes two mounting brackets for the transmitter and receiver, allowing for installation onto walls, desks, or cabinets for a tidy setup.