Steba IC 20 Ice maker Timer fuction 1.5 l




Your ice cream for home. With the ice machine IC 20 from Steba, you will always be able to cope with the growing trend of healthy preparation! Self-made ice cream with fruits from the own garden tastes many times better than industrially manufactured and is very easy to produce. This is ensured by the timer with limit switch. The attached recipe brochure will give you many delicious ideas – without any flavor or preservatives. Up to 20 balls of ice can be produced simultaneously in the 1.5 liter insulating container. The provided portioner can also shape these in the same way. If the ice cream has not been completely eaten up, you can put the container with the fresh lid back into the freezer for storage. For cleaning, the ice machine can be completely dismantled and the individual parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This text is machine translated.