Sun Joe 100 MPH 385 CFM 24-Volt Turbine Cordless Jet Blower Kit with 2.0 Ah Battery + Charger




Back-breaking lawn and leaf cleanups are a thing of the past with the Sun Joe 24-Volt-JB-LTE, the revolutionary rechargeable jet blower.24-Volt-JB-LTE is ideal for quick cleanups around the house and yard or anywhere power is at a premium. Sleek, lightweight and perfectly portable at just 6.3 pounds, the 24-Volt 2.0 Amp hour battery-powered blower packs the power of a hurricane into the palm of your hand to make yardwork a breeze. Like an aircraft, the jet blowers powerful turbine fan propels the air up to a 100 MPH (maximum) windspeed to leave your yard spotless. Featuring Sun Joes exclusive ION Lithium-ion battery system for up to 50-minutes of runtime on a single charge, the 24-volt jet blowers just right for light-duty household applications like sweeping dirt and debris from the garage, porch, patio, walkways and deck. Choose from 5 variable speed settings to suit the sweeping task, and when the work is done, simply plug the battery back in so its recharged and ready for your next outdoor cleaning pro...


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