Sunny Health & Fitness Elevated Performance Treadmill W/ Desk and Auto Incline at 40% Max, Wide Treadmill and USB Charging Function




Performance meets productivity with the 9700 Elevated Performance Treadmill Workstation by ASUNA. Step onto the wide, incline-ready running belt (51.5 in. L x 20 in. W) that has built-in shock absorption, which can reduce impact on joints while moving. Perform challenging cardiovascular exercises when you walk, jog, or climb with 40 levels of incline. Enjoy up to 15 levels of incline and up to 7.5 mph in running mode up; and up to 40 levels of incline and up to 3.75 mph in climbing mode. Designed for optimal stability, this incline workstation treadmill has overhand grips that are equipped with pulse sensors. Use the quick buttons on handlebar to easily adjust incline and speed. Work and exercise at the same time when you place your laptop computer, documents, tablet and written work on the sizable (29 in. L x 15.5 in. W) desk. The desk has a tablet holder that can hold your personal device while your workout, along with an onboard USB port that you can use to charge your personal devices. Enjoy a large, b...


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