Sunny Health & Fitness Padded Lifting Straps with Cushioned Wrists (Pair)

NO. 086



Conquer heavier and more strenuous loads while maintaining a secure grip with the No. 086 Padded Weight Lifting Straps by Sunny Health & Fitness. Constructed with a durable polyester and cotton fabric blend capable of holding up to 2000 lbs., these weight lifting straps enable the user to finish maximum weight reps without worrying that their grip or straps might fail. This will make it possible for users to continue lifting heavy loads while lowering the amount of neurological stress placed on the body. The simplistic machine washable design creates a user-friendly experience while providing optimal performance. The interior cushioned neoprene wrist pad provides a soft feel and helps limit skin irritation for exercisers at every level. Measuring in at 23 in. in length and 1.5 in. in width, these weight lifting wrist straps provide you with ample fabric to wrap around olympic bars 2-3 times. Whether you are performing deadlifts, power snatches, rows, shoulder shrugs, or just need a more secure grip while w...


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