SWIT 14.4V 220Wh Multi D-Tap Heavy-Duty Digital Battery




The SWIT PB-S220A 14.4V 220Wh Multi D-Tap Heavy-Duty Digital Battery , featuring a Gold mount, has a short, square-shaped design and provides up to 150W/12A continuous output. This makes it suitable for up to the most demanding cine-cameras along with monitors and other accessories. With 220 watt hours, the PB-S220A delivers approximately 2.5 hours of power to the ARRI ALEXA and 7 hours to ENG cameras. In addition to this, it offers four D-Tap outputs — meaning you won't need splitters if you have multiple accessories to power — and a USB port for charging mobile devices. The battery has an intelligent LCD that displays remaining runtime in minutes when the battery is in use and as a percentage value when not in use or when charging. When remaining runtime is less than 15 minutes, the LCD will flash as a warning. It'll also show a warning signal with a specific warning code if the battery detects over-discharging, over-charging, circuit issues, and the like. A long press of the power-check button will disp...


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