Synca Wellness REI Set of 1 Foot-Calf-Lumbar-Ottoman Massager Grey Cotton-Like Fabric




The REI by Synca Wellness is the worlds most advanced and innovative foot + calf massager - merging design, function, and massage therapy into one product. Sitting in your home it seamlessly blends in and looks like just any other ottoman you may have in your living room, it’s just another piece of furniture. When you simply lift-up the lid by the Synca tag it transforms into a foot and calf massager with a wireless lumbar massage in seconds. The Foot and calf section has a kickstand underneath at the front to tilt the angle of the massager into a more ergonomic angle for you to slide your legs into, the foot and calf section is engineered to effortlessly allow you to fit up to a mens size 13. The wireless massager you can set behind you to use to massage your lumbar or you can have it sit on your lap to massage your thighs. The REI features every available foot and calf massage technology on the market – Foot roller, vibration, shiatsu massage, Gua-Sha, Reflexology, Compression, infrared Heat therapy and ...


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