Taco Comfort Solutions Hot-LinkPlus-e ECM High-Efficiency Instant Hot Water System with 1/2 in. Union Press Fitting Kit




Enjoy instant hot water comfort while avoiding a major renovation. The Hot-LinkPlus-e system installs easily into existing plumbing with a tank water heater. No dedicated hot water return line is needed. The system combines the ECM high-efficiency 006e3 hot water circulator with the award-winning SmartPlug Instant Hot Water Control and Hot-Link Valve for maximum comfort and efficiency. Enjoy water savings of up to 12,000 Gal. per year, you can expect trouble-free performance reinforced by SureStart automatic unblocking and air purging. Ideal for retrofits, the Hot-LinkPlus-e requires no programming and is built with the reliability that's made Taco famous. - Install it, forget it.


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