Techlogix Networx® Economy Jacket OM4 Multimode Fiber Patch Cord, Duplex LC/LC (3m)




Look, everyone knows lasers are cool. You can blow holes in statues or destroy homes with popcorn. If you fancy yourself a 'real genius' you can even use them to transport data! The best way to contain those beams into something really useful is to shoot them down a TechLogix Networx Fiber Optic patch cable. This model features an economy jacket that is suitable for many applications. The 50/125 micron OM4 multimode fiber optic cable is suitable for 10Gigabit, 40GBase-SR4, 100GBase-SR10 and higher bandwidth applications, such as in data centers, telecom rooms, server farms, cloud storage networks, and any place fiber jumper cables are needed. It meets RoHS compliant and cable is optically tested for insertion loss to ensure high quality. This cabling is crafted from quality zirconia ceramic ferrule which ensures optimum IL and RL for excellent performance. At either end are LC/LC connectors. It boasts industry standard flammability rating OFNR (Riser) jacket and duplex fiber connector which meets EIA/TIA 6...


1Information SheetEN12022-12-22