Tecmate (13.6V 4A supply) OptiMATE 6 Select, TM-191, 9-step 12V 5A sealed battery saving charger & maintainer




* Select 14. 4V (like TM-181) or 14. 7V (For Premium AGM Batteries like Odyssey and Optima). * Provides stable 13. 6V while diagnosing your vehicle. * Saves your 12V battery (AGM, Spiral Cell, GEL, STD, Starter, Deep Cycle) when no other charger will work. If OptiMATE cannot save it, nothing will. * Connect and forget, no more battery problems. Continuous charging if healthy, stops and warns if faulty. * Voltage adjusted higher when colder, lower when hotter. * Ampmatic charge control adjusts charge rate – Small battery gets less; large battery gets more! * Provides 24/7 protection by preventing discharge from connected circuitry and s more battery power. * Recovers sulphated batteries from as low as 0. 5V. * OptiMATE is recommended by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM and Husqvarna and global battery manufacturers Antigravity, Super-B and Earth-X. * Fully sealed case to protect against spillage and light rain.


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