Tenergy Fast Charger ONLY for Arlo Certified Tenergy 3.7V 650mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, CE and FCC Certified




* INDEPENDENT CHARGING CHANNELS WITH INDICATORS - Charges up to 4 rechargeable batteries in independently, without having to only charge batteries in pairs. Each port comes with its own independent status indicator to monitor each individual battery's charging status. * QUICK CHARGE - With charging current of 400mA, your Tenergy Li-ion rechargeable batteries for Arlo can be fully charged in about 2-3 hours. Very convenient for battery charging and replacement. * SOPHISTICATED CHARGING SAFETY - Built-in protection against reverse-polarity and short-circuit for total charging safety. Built-in temperature sensor catches and prevents charging induced over-heating. Charger body made of fire retardant materials. Also features safety timer which will automatically shut off the charger in 3 hours to prevent over-charge and to give you peace of mind charging Li-ion RCR123A batteries. * CERTIFIED FOR SAFETY - This charger has been tested and certified based on international CE and FCC safety standards. It has also b...


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