TORK Timers 16-Amp Digital Residential Hardwired Lighting Timer




The RZ in-wall timer series is the most versatile heavy-duty timer in the market today. This timer includes sun set and rise astronomic programming, 7-day programming allowing 10 on/off daily settings, random and vacation mode security, daylight savings and leap year compensation, power outage backup, 3-way wiring and zero cross switching specifically for LED lighting. Manual override feature allows on-demand control and make this timer ideal for many installations. Neutral wire is required to wire this timer, refer to the RZ307 if no neutral is present at your installation. 10 on and off pairs of set points for individual programs on each day of the week. 11 day groups speed programming. minimum setting is 1 minute Sunset and sunrise times are adjustable from 10 degrees to 60 degrees northern or southern latitudes Requires a neutral can be used as a 3-way switch Permanent schedule retention. super capacitor provides 2 days of real time backup


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