Visual Sound 1 Spot Pro CS12



The correct feeding of pedal effects is often misunderstood or little known subject, but it is a necessary knowledge for each user who wishes to process the sound through the effects. In fact it is the difference between the correct pedal functionality and the potential damage that occurs they can cause. The 1 SPOT PRO - CS12 is the first power supply using 1-Spot technology. It has twelve exits to power virtually any pedal effect. All the twelve exits are completely isolated, regulated and filter to work silently and safely with i your pedals. The first 11 exits (from the left) have jacks with a standard 5.5Ã — 2.1mm barrel connector while output 12, which delivers 9V at 800mA, has a barrel connector larger (5.5 x 2.5mm) to help prevent accidental connection of the normal 9V pedals and theirs potential damage. On the lower panel of the power supply there are 5 mini switches that allow you to change the voltage of the outputs from 3 to 7 to which they do reference, selecting 9V (switch in OFF position) or...


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