VANCO Certified Premium High-Speed HDMI® Cable w/ Ethernet (20 ft. | 18 Gbps | 24 AWG)




As an A/V integrator, you settle for nothing less than the very best components and products for your customers. And the last thing you want is a customer calling you back to fix an incorrectly specified or poor-performing cable. That’s why more A/V integrators choose Certified Premium High-Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet from Vanco. Certified Cables ensure installations are ready for today’s 4K UltraHD environments and are future-proofed for the performance needed when equipment is upgraded or replaced. These new Certified Premium High-Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet ensure that you deliver the performance your customer’s deserve. There are a multitude of features that make these cables stand out. Supporting a full 18 Gigabits per second of Bandwidth allows for seamless support of applications such as 4K 2160p and UltraHD video streams, HDR video, and 21x9 wide-angle theatrical aspect ratio. It even supports up to 32 channels of audio with ARC for a multi-dimensional, immersive audio experience. Plus, the...


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