ViewSonic 27" Display, IPS Panel, 3840 x 2160 Resolution




Perfect for photographers, designers, videographers, and other creative professionals, the ViewSonic® VP2768-4K Ultra HD monitor delivers unmatched color accuracy and reliable long-term performance. With a SuperClear® IPS panel and a sleek frameless design, this monitor provides a near-seamless viewing experience ideal for multi-monitor setups. To ensure precise, uniform color, each of our monitors is factory calibrated to deliver an amazing Delta E<2 value for superior color accuracy. An integrated color uniformity function ensures consistent chromaticity across the screen, while a 14-bit 3D look-up table generates a stunningly smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors. Add to that 6-axis color adjustment functionality, and this monitor provides the ultimate color processing capability for professional applications. What’s more, productivity-boosting features include an advanced ergonomic design. Hardware calibration is also available with the optional ViewSonic Colorbration Kit, which allows you to quickly ...


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