VTS Air Curtain with Electric Heating Coils WING E150 480/3/60/HLD EC




Air curtain with electric heating coils and high efficiency fan. Unit designed for 480V/3p/60Hz HLD power supply. All WING air curtains with electric heating coils are prepared for horizontal, vertical and group operation. The desing of the device stabilizing air flow effectively reduces the level of emitted sound to the environment. The special design of the steering wheel ensures that the airflow range is increased by 20% in relation to traditional solutions. Thanks to an efficient and energy-saving EC motor, The WING E150 480/3/60/HLD EC air curtain creates an air stream of up to 12ft. at a maximum air output of 1854 CFM and protects doors that are up to 59in. wide. The air curtain achieves a heating power of up to 12kW. The use of energy-saving EC motors allows to optimize the operation costs of the unit. Additional VTS Links Browse all VTS Products VTS Wing Collection


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