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Whether you've got a side-by-side, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, or jet ski, you can always appreciate a little more get-up-and-go, right? XS Power's PS Series powersports batteries deliver reliable energy to your toy, so you can count on that extra "oomph" when you need it on the road, trail, water, or snow. PS Series batteries feature a sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design that incorporates special glass fiber mats that contain the acid electrolyte between the lead plates, rather than a standard flooded (liquid) design. These batteries actually store energy, so you don't have to add a capacitor to your system to get a quick burst. And the pure lead plates mean both more power and longer life than conventional batteries. The rugged XS Power PS925L 12-volt battery provides up to 2,000 maximum amps and has a capacity of 32 amp-hours. This battery's compact size lets you get creative with your installation. Since there are no external vents on a PS Series battery, you can mount it nearly anywhere without fe...


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