XTOOL Pro OBD2 All System All Service Diagnosis Function, Upgrade Version 32G Memory Auto Scan Tool Read Live Data Active Test with Immobilizer/DPF/EPB/Oil Reset




* [All System Diagnosis Tool]: Xtool EZ400 pro is a useful tool for mechanic or professional user,which is a complete diagnosis tool with special service reset functions. This scan tool supports diagnosis on all car systems like ABS, SRS(Airbag), Engine, Transmission, Brake Systems and so on, with capabilities for codes, live data graphing , active test, ECU information, Read VIN etc. * [11 Service Diagnosis and Reset Function]: Detect your car to get error reason and do RESET function for Electric Parking Brake, Oil Light,Steering Angle Adjust, Immobilization, Suspension, Headlight, Throttle relearn, DPF, Tyre Pressure and Battery Part. * [Auto Vin/Bi-directional Tool]: (Bi-directional)Choose your Aear and your car model first to see auto read vin button. This tool has a strong operate system and run fast which help save a lot of time. (Turn on and off actuators to determine whether there are problems with sensors and actuators).This actuation test can be use in ENGINE SYSTEM / STEERING ANGLE SYSTEM / DAS...


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