XTOOL PS90 Full System Diagnostic Tool with Action Test Read VIN and 24 Special Functions for Immobilizer/ Injector Coding/ Oil Reset/ EPB/ BMS/ SAS/ DPF/ TPMS Reset

Xtool PS90



* [Full System Diagnosis + 24 Special Functions]:Support 81 Car makes for Full system diagnosis+ EEPROM(read pin code) + 31 car makes for Key Programming, 30 car makes for Throttle Relearn, TPS, Electric Pump, Oil Maintenance Light, EPB, TPMS, Airbag Reset, Headlight,Hang Suspension, Tooth learning, Steering Angle Sensor, Transport Mode Release, EEPROM, Tire Pressure,Window initialization, Cylinder and a very limited car list on Mileage (check Technical Specification PDF.) * [Outlook]:9.7-inch LED Screen,Bluetooth link with VCI,Internal reliable and fast 8GB Solid State Drive for better performance ;32GB Storage;Open source Android Operating System for fast boot-up and multitasking * [PS90]: PS90 has the application advantage of Internet, which sharing your diagnostic data, picture, video and searching relevant solutions and experience online. * [Actuation/Active components Test]:Ignition On Engine Off.When performing this test function,the ps90 will simulate the ECU signal to enable the user to judge whet...


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