Installation Guide

RowlCrown can easily accomodate dramatic uplighting effects by following these simple directions.
1. Hold a corner piece in its respective corner, dropped down from ceiling a predetermined distance. For uplighting effects, we
recommend two to three inches. Trace a line on the wall with a pencil along both sides and the top edge of the corner piece
as a point of reference. Do this in all corners of the room.
2. Measure the distance between the two lines on a given wall. This is the length of the base to be installed on that wall. It's
better to meaure slightly short than slightly long or else your corner pieces will not sit correctly.
This measurement doesn't have to be exact, since the base piece will be completely covered by the profile.
3. Cut base piece to size. For this part, the straightest most exact cut will be achieved by using a utility knife and T-square to
score a line, and then gently flexing the base along the score line until it snaps. Alternatively, a heavy-duty scissor or tin
snips may be also be used.
4. Hold the cut piece of base up to the wall, the top edge aligned with the top edge marks that were made with the corner
pieces. Using a pencil, draw a light line along the full length of the top edge of the base.
5. Gently crimp the track along the hinge to an inner angle of approximately 100°. Be aware that crimping to 90° or less will
cause gapping between the base and the ceiling and/or wall.
6. Position the crimped base piece against the wall with the corner in line with the pencil line created in step 4.
We recommend getting a friend to help hold the other end of the RowlCrown for easiest installation.
7. Attach the RowlCrown base to the wall using 1" (or 1 1/4") coarse drywall screws, driven into the wall at a 90° angle, starting at one end and working
linearly toward the other end. Screws should be driven into the wall studs to avoid stripping.
If they can be easily located, it is recommended that you drive the screws into every other wall stud for maximum hold. Also be aware that a
screw that's inserted too tightly may cause extra pressure on the top and/or the wall side of the base, causing slight warping. If this happens,
slowly back the screw out until the top and wall pieces return to flush.
8. Install the corner pieces using 1" (or 1 1/4") coarse drywall screws, driven through the mounting tabs and through the installed base.
9. If you are going to be running wiring behind your RowlCrown, this is the time to do so. To ensure that your wiring doesn't interfere with the profile
installation (step 10), affix long runs of wiring to the base with electrical tape or wire staples.
10. Measure the distance between the inside flat faces of the corner pieces. This is the length of the profile that will need to be cut and attached to the base.
Also remember that it's better to measure slightly long than slightly short, since a too-short profile will show gaps by the corner pieces, while a too-long
piece can be cut on the fly to fit snugly.
The more exact this measurement is, and the straighter the cut, the more tightly the profile will sit against the corner pieces. Also, be sure to
measure each wall individually -- even opposite walls of the same room. Many rooms have small variations in wall length.
11. Cut profile piece to size. For this part, the straightest most exact cut will be achieved by using a fine-toothed miter saw, or a miter box and a hacksaw. Of
course, the utility knife and T-square method mentioned above will also yield a clean cut. We do not recommend the use of scissors or tin snips for
cutting the profile, as these tools may produce sloppy edges that will make caulking a necessity!
12. Attach the profile to the base by engaging the bottom catch, lightly compressing the protruding base top, and then clicking the top into place.
13. If necessary, you can finish off your installation by correcting any small gaps with a small bead of white silicone caulk.
14. Now, all you have to do is run your rope lighting on top of the installed RowlCrown!
Congratulations on your new RowlCrown room!
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